12.6  jQuery Ajax      MySQL access

The piWebCAT control web page has 67 + 24 extra  buttons and 27 sliders


Configuration information for these controls is held in the MySQL radio database on the server.

Some of this configuration information is needed on the client, some is needed on the server.


For sliders there is a single database table: sliders 

(or slidersciv for Icom CIV or slidershl for Hamlib)

  • Fields that control slider appearance and operation need to be accessible on the client.

       eg:  rig, caption, sliderno, active, code, abx, mode, min, max, def, mult, divide, offset
              units, lookup, decpoint,        

  • Fields that control communication with the radio need to be on the server

       ie:  code, abx, readbytes, setbytes, answerbytes, readmask, setmask, answermask

Fields code and abx are the operational link between client slider data and server slider data.


For buttons,  client data is the buttons table and server data in the catcodes table.

(and buttonsciv or catcodesciv tables for Icom CIV radios or catcodeshl for Hamlib)

Loading to the client at startup

At piWebCAT startup, we need to load button and slider data to array variables in the client.

In fact we need to do it also for tables: lookups, meter, timings, radios and settings.

The following description describes how this is done using sliders as the example.