1.7  Indicator  - controls  - buttons and sliders.    'LED' button option

piWebCAT offers 27 slider controls and 66 + buttons + 24 extra buttons on a popup window.

Active controls are synchronised to their corresponding radio parameters at start up, band change
and by the Reconnect buttons. If a large number of controls are used, this update can take four seconds
(eg: with my FTdx101D configuration)   The exception to this delay is a special provision on  Dual VFO switching

To regularly synchronise all these controls to their radio parameters would create a large amount of CAT

traffic which would interfere with the CAT 'bandwidth' available for tuning and meter update.

piWebCAT therefore provides a means for you to configure a 'limited list' of controls for regular synchronisation.



A button configured with active = L (led) will behave as a read-only indicator light.

It is regularly synchronised to its radio parameter at an interval configured in the timings table.

In its OFF state, it has a black background with red text.

In its ON state, it lights up in a bright colour of your choice with black text.  

Thus the configured colour specifies the bright ON colour rather than its OFF colour.

Clicking it has no action.

A button configured with active = S (sync) appears and behaves like a standard button but is regularly

synchronised to its radio parameter at an interval specified in the timings table.

Just as all other buttons, L and S buttons are set to reflect their status on the radio at start up, at band change

and by the Reconnect button.


Sliders can also optionally be configured with active = L or active = S.

For both these options, the control is regularly updated as descibed for buttons above.

For active = L, the slider has a different appearance.   See slider sync

Configuration of update timing is described in sync timing