2.3  piWebCAT - operational notes - buttons and sliders

I use my FTdx101D configuration as an example.

Buttons and Sliders

Configuration is discussed in detail elsewhere ... but note the results of configuration:

  • Many buttons are in groups: eg: band, mode, IPO, Attenuators, roofers, VFO A/B.
  • Some buttons toggle on/off, eg: DNR, NB, MNF, APF, MON, Vox.
  • Some buttons are single action, eg: swap A/B, A>B, B>A, +25kHz, -25kHz
  • Two buttons launch popups,ie; MPad (memory keypad) and More  (24 more buttons)
       (Note that even these have user configured button choice, caption and colour).
  • A button can be confiigured to switch to a specified memory channel  (eg: M17 in the examples)
  • Sliders are configured to match the range of values on the radio.
    Example: IF shift ... this is user configured for centre zero with range -1200Hz to +1200Hz.
    The R buttons reset a default value .... which for IF shift is zero (centre)
  • The five Tx meter buttons select the meter value to be displayed on transmit.
  • MOX  toggles  transmit/receive   ... and also lights up on PTT or radio MOX.

The detailed configuration needs to reflect the operational structure of the radio.
eg: In the FTfx101D,

  • Most receiver button and slider parameters have different values between the
    two receivers (A and B).  ( This is not so all radios.)
  • Some settings change on band change.
  • We only have one set of controls which must reflect the current VFO's settings.

Loading all the settings can take 4-5 seconds.  During this transition time, the controls are inactive.

The commonest need for a rapid transition is on VFO A/B switching (with or without band change).
piWebCAT provides for this by storing the most recent slider and button states for each VFO.

eg: VFO A selected  - switch to 40m band -  5 second delay loading settings.

     then  select VFO B which is on 20m band   - 5 second delay (unless previously selected)

     Thereafter, VFO switching is rapid using the stored 40m data for VFO A and the 20m data for VFO B.

Control, Read rig and Reset buttons

  • Control        Switches to or completely redraws and restarts the main page
  • Reset        Restarts the main page program code. Popup windows positions are preserved. (eg: log)
                   Control settings are resynchronised to the corresponding rig parameters. (approx 5 sec)
  • Read rig        Control settings are resynchronised to the corresponding rig parameters. (approx 5 sec)