3.12  Frequency step up and down buttons

This feature allows you to program a button to shift the frequency of the current VFO up or down
by a specified frequency step.

The user can program any button as a frequency Up ro Down button.

Here, I have four such buttons in my IC7000 Hamlib configuration. They are: +/- 25 kHz  and  +/- 12.5 kHz.

The first click moves the frequency to the next multiple of 12.5 kHz or 25 kHz. Thereafter, the buttons step at the specified interval.

On the first click, the frequency is initialised to a multiple of the step.


    With a step of 12.5kHz and an initial frequency of 145.149902

     - the first click of the UP button sets frequency = 145.150000

     - and then  145.162500,  145.175000, 145.187500    etc

    For DOWN button, we would have:

     - 145.175085,   145.175000, 145.162500    etc

To set up UP and DOWN buttons, we only need buttons (or buttonsciv) records.

The button records must have code = FRUP or code = FRDN.

(FRUP and FRDN are hard coded in piWebCAT)

The frequency step in Hz is placed in the von field.

Clicking the buttons causes a tuning event using the standard tuning mechanism.

ie: as set up in catcodes (or catcoedsciv) with code = FREQ.

The buttons should be single action, ie: action = S.  

Set vx = X.    ( piWebCAT will automatically send the commands for the current VFO )

Colour and caption a freely configurable as usual.

Examples for FTdx101D

Examples for IC-7000