3.3  A  configuration strategy for your radio.

If you have a modern Yaesu rig, you may choose to begin by modifying my
FTdx101D setup. If so, you can intially leave all the records as rig = FTdx101D.

If you have a modern Icom rig, I think the configuration will be very similar but the

command details will have to be changed.

Alternatively, you can use the HAMLIB option.
Hamlib is a programming interface the converts a generic command set in the command set for

a selected one of 250 radios. The selection is by a reference number.

The learning guide in this manual progressively builds up a Hamlib configuration.

If you want to build a radio configuration from scratch, then I suggest that you leave my radios
 in place as a guide and template.

You can then gradually build in your radio as a new addition.

  • You can have dual access to the database:
     ie: view my configuration as a template example with MySQL Front on a PC
    and simultaneously use piWebCAT's built in editor for adding the new radio
     (or vica versa).

  • You can build in one command or command group at a time and test it.