6.3  piWebCAT - Database table - catcodesciv

catcodesciv is used on the server to communicate with the radio for buttons and frequency.

(None of its data is loaded to the client)

  • rig                  The current radio   - drop down selector (from radios table)
                     Must have same spelling through the tables.
  • description          Descriptive text- no function
  • code          The link to the buttons table  - use my defaults where possible.
                     Note that for frequency reading and setting, the code must FREQ.
  • abx          A or B if there is pair of entries one for each VFO  (eg: Mute RxA, RxB)
                     X if A or B not relevant. (eg:swap VFOs, Tuner etc )  See: vx and abx
  • rigadr        70 (hex) is the default on some Icon radios
  • rpiaddr        The controller address - use E0.
  • cmdtype        The Icom command type. Control data formatting. See CIV control fields
  • datadigits        The number of decimal digits in set pr answer data. See CIV control fields
  • com        The hexadecimal command byte.
  • subcom        The hexadecimal sub command byte. (if used)
  • subcon4or6  The decimal sub command (eg: 50014)  when cmdtype = C_S6_DATA or C_S4_DATA.

piWebCAT editor for catcodes is shown below:                              

Note the abx column:

If there are separate commands for VFOA and VFOB, then there are two records:  abx = A and abx = B.

Thus DNR on/off as two entries and speech proc on/off has one entry (so abx = X)

See CI_V configuration  - examples