9.1  Meter background images

piWebCAT has:

  • An S meter serving the receiver on the currently selector VFO
  • Five buttons to select one of five Tx metering options.
    (The radio may have more than five Tx metering options, but you have to choose
     which to assign to the five buttons   - see meter table or meterciv table)

piWebCAT is supplied with six meter background images:

  • S meter                         cat/images/smeter.bmp
  • Power output meter                cat/images/TXmeterA.bmp   left button
  • ALC meter                        cat/images/TXmeterB.bmp
  • Speech comp. meter        cat/images/TXmeterC.bmp   middle button
  • PA IDD meter                cat/images/TXmeterD.bmp        
  • SWR meter                        cat/images/TXmeterE.bmp   right button

Each image is a 250 x 110 pixel bitmap.

If you want to display some other Tx value, then you can replace one or more of the bitmaps.

(You must of course use filenames TXmeterA.bmp etc, otherwise piWebCAT will not find them.)

When making a new bitmap images, I strongly suggest that you keep the arc,
and that you position the markers and number in a similar way to my originals.

If you do this they will look ok with the red meter needle (which you cannot change!)