3.18   Updates with FTP    - users and passwords

FTP access     Host = RPi IP address (eg:   port = 21

Two users are installed on the SD card.  Both have password = feline.

  • user = upload        This gives FTP access to the RPi webserver root:  /var/www/html
  • user = piuser        This gives FTP access to the RPI directory:  /home/pi

I use FileZilla   FTP client for file transfer.
However, much of my webserver upload is direct from the Microsoft Expression  web developer
application (free download) where I configure the same FTP credentials.        

Web server 'website structure' and updates

The website structure on the RPi is shown below in screen images of it in Windows on a PC.


     Web root folder

    cat subfolder

The website root has:

  • Four .php files which are the three working web pages and the opening screen: index.php.
  • Folder phpGrid (21Mbytes) which contains the imported phpGrid system for configuration editor grid generation.
  • A help folder(22 Mbytes) containing this complete website as a built in help facility.
  • The cat folder (0.71 Mbytes) which contains the rest of my code in subfolders.
  • piwebcat.dwt is a Microsoft Expression4 template file for the three main web pages.

As can be seen from the above text, the phpGrid and help folders total 43 Mbytes,
whereas the rest of the structure is only 0.82 Mbytes.

Therefore, some updates will not include the phpGrid and help folders.
The help and phpGrid folders need to be preserved if not in the update.