11.1  Micro SD card features. piWebCAT  website folder contents.

MicroSD card

Fully configured card image with:

  • RPi OC  (previously Raspian linux)    - IP address set to a default of
  • Apache2 webserver
  • MariaDB (MySQL) database system - with the piWebCAT database:
                                            radios  already configured and populated.
  • PHP7 server scripting language installed with database connectivity features added.
  • pureftpd  FTP server for remote file transfer to and from web root (by FileZilla and Expression 4)
  • phpmyadmin installed to allow management of MySQL database from a PC
                                                           (access as
  • Real VNC server activated to allow RPi keyboard/mouse/screen control using Real VNC viewer on a PC.
  • Changes to /boot/cmdline.txt and /boot/config.txt 
      -  swap serial USARTs  - the fast one to GPIO for piWebCAT.
                                  - the slow one for bluetooth (ok for mouse/kb)  
  • Mumble Voice Over IP server an client. (This autostarts on the RPi desktop)

Note the default RPi serial port behaviour is not good for pure binary data transfers needed by Icom CIV.

Some control characters and line feed are changed.

This is corrected in piWebCAT's serial port initialisation which switches the port to RAW mode:

  In PhpSerial.php  (GPL 2 licence, multiple authors) G3VPX added:  function confRawMode()

piWebcat files and folders

The Raspberry Pi runs Linux OS,  Apache2 web server, PHP7 server programming and MariaDB database.

The website root is located in the usual folder:  /var/www/html

This contains:

  • catcontrol.php        - the main piWebCAT webpage.
  • catedit.php                - the database editor webpage
  • metercal.php        - the calibration page for the S meter and the Tx meters for each radio.
  • index.php                - the start page (initial access to http://server-address will load a file thus named)
  • piwebcat.dwt        - the Microsoft Expression template for the common parts of the three main pages
                                  ie header buttons with radio selector and the footer bar.  
                                   (piwebcat.dwt is not needed for website operation)
  • cat/images folder        - six meter background bitmaps
  • cat/jqueryplugins        - jquery-ui-touch-punch.js  
                           - Translates touch screen actions into mouse events.(imported)

                       - jquery-mousewheel.js  - Support for the mousewheel. (imported)

  • cat/js  folder        - piWebCat javascript files developed by G3VPX
  • cat/phpfiles  folder        - piWebCAT php files developed by G3VPX
  • cat/popups  folder        - popup windows - only message boxes at present
                           -  HTML code loaded by PHP HEREDOC system.
  • cat/css  folder        - HTMP stylesheet files  (slider.css and lines.css are imported)
  • phpgrid  folder        - phpGrid (from HongKong). 3500 files - trimmed.  (includes jQuery and jqGrid)
                             G3VPX has an OEM distribution license.
  • phhmyadmin        - for PC database configuration access.
  • help folder        - complete help system   - this manual

FTP access  

 For site configuration in FileZilla etc    and web developer software (Microsoft Expression 4 or other)

       Host =     port = 21    user = upload    password = feline