11.2  Database configuration, users, password etc

Security is not needed when controlling your radio

.... therefore  I have the same username and password for:

- internal localhost access (ie: piWebCAT) and

- external (port 3306) access by PC based  MySQL Front software.

eg: MySQL Front:   host =   port = 3306   user = piwebcat    pw = feline 

Internal database access for piWebCAT is defined in the following file:

  file: cat/phpfiles/wcmysql.php:


   //  MYSQL access

   $DbServer = 'localhost';

   $DbUser = 'piwebcat';

   $DbPw = 'feline';

   $Database = 'radios';


The built in database editor uses phpGrid.        

file:  phpgrid/conf.php  is modified so that phpGrid uses the above definitions in wcmysql.php

    ie: added as below  (This is the ONLY change to the phpGrid code  

                    .... apart from possible future removal of some unused code for bulk reduction)  

require_once "/var/www/html/cat/phpfiles/wcmysql.php";

define('PHPGRID_DB_HOSTNAME',$DbServer); // database host name

define('PHPGRID_DB_USERNAME',$DbUser); // database user name

define('PHPGRID_DB_PASSWORD',$DbPw); // database password

define('PHPGRID_DB_NAME',$Database); // database name

define('PHPGRID_DB_TYPE', 'mysql'); // database type

define('PHPGRID_DB_CHARSET','utf8'); //