1.2 piWebCAT  -  a Raspberry Pi web server for CAT control of radios

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  • As an indexed website on the piWebCAT server and accessed from the help button.

The document is in six sections:

  • Introduction and specifications

  • A Getting started and learning section
    This includes a Learning Guide which is based on a progression of three generic
    transceiver control configurations. This uses the Hamlib rigctl API which supports 250 radios.

  • A large configuration reference section.
    (piWebCAT is highly user-configurable with configuration information stored in a
      MariaDB (MYSQL) database on the Raspberry Pi web server.)

  • A section on the use of Mumble for Voice Over IP transmission of Rx and Tx audio.

  • A section entitled  'How it works!'

  • A section on some detailed aspects of website programming
      - with special reference to extracting data arrays from the server database
        to the client (web browser) using jQuery Ajax.

  • A section containing:
           - G3VPX piWebCAT PCB
             - File downloads
           - Support  (iogroup)


  • Development tools
      Discusses two tools without which I could not have done this development:
        - A versatile storage oscilloscope with ASCII and HEX decode of serial data.
        - The 'Inspect element' feature of Firefox developer  (and other web browsers).