1.3  piWebCAT  - CAT control from a web-browser

I have recently developed piWebCAT   (January 2021).

piWebCAT provides CAT control from a web browser.

It uses a Raspberry Pi 4B computer with Apache web server, MYSQL database and PHP7 server programming.

It works well on PC based browsers.

It is fine on my fast modern Android 7 tablet. (Touch tuning a little slower on an older tablet)

Above is piWebCAT's control window.  

The buttons and sliders are highly user configurable (stored in a MySQL database on the RPi)

The other windows are database editor and meter calibration.



Rapid approximate positioning in the band is by clicking (or touching) the tuning scale.

Tuning is the done in the blue tuning panel.  The tuning panel has fast, medium and slow lanes.

Tuning is performed:

  • by horizontal mouse pointer (or finger) dragging.  (Tuning rate fast, medium or slow according to lane)
  • by mouse wheel.  (Tuning rate fast, medium or slow according to which lane the mouse pointer is in)

piWebCAT hardware


The piWebCAT hardware: A RPi 4B computer + piZero RS232 card  +  preconfigured micro SD card.

My replacement interface piCAT design has RS232 and CI-V connectors.
The PCB is full width to bring the connectors to the side of a box.

The free space on the pcb has no underlying ground plane. It could be used for development 'breadboarding'.

If you can connect to the radio via an RPi USB port, then you not need these add-on interface cards.