14.1  piWebCAT   file downloads

piWebCAT.pdf         http://piwebcat.g3vpx.net/files/piWebCAT.pdf

                       A 222 page PDF of this website

Startup guide                  http://piwebcat.g3vpx.net/files/piWebCAT_startup_guide.pdf 

Summary pdf         piWebCAT 9 page summary (PDF)

piWebCAT.zip                 http://piwebcat.g3vpx.net/files/piWebCAT.zip

The complete web site structure  (locate in /var/www/html on the RPi)

                       This includes the help system which is a copy  of this website.

radios.sql.zip    http://piwebcat.g3vpx.net/files/radios.sql.zip

G3VPX database backup containing:

 FTdX101D, IC7000, FT847, FT920  - piWebCAT configurations

 FTDx101D-H, IC7000-H  Hamlib /piWebCAT configurations.

 Empty Station log table.
       (Caution - it will replace your database)

LibrarySQL.zip     http://piwebcat.g3vpx.net/files/LibrarySQL.zip

                       A useful library of useful SQL scripts for database manipulation.

MYSQL Front      http://mysql-front.freedownloadscenter.com/windows/free/

- free download        Database browser /editor        


HeidiSQL                www.heidisql.com   - free download    Database browser / editor

Hamlib - rigctl and rigctld      See  Adding Hamlib to an SD card

 https://github.com/Hamlib/Hamlib       https://github.com/Hamlib/Hamlib/wiki/Documentation 

RPi Micro SD card

     This is a 16GByte micro SD card image for the Raspberry Pi.
      It is available by emailing piwebcat@g3vpx.net.   (SD card or 3.5Gbyte zipped image on a DVD)

This is fully configured with RPi OS, MariaDB, PHP. phpMyAdmin, Apache2 web server, pure-ftpd FTP.

It has the 'radio' database configured radios as above in radios.sql.zip
It has the piWebCAT website installed. (This includes a copy of this website as a built in help system. )

It has HAMLIB rigctl and rigctld installed.

It has a Mumble VOIP audio client and server installed.
It has IP address

Raspberry Pi imager - use for loading  .img image files  onto a (fast ! ) SD card.
It does not appear to read a card into a .img file.   Use  WIn32DiskImager for this.

Raspberry Pi Imager for Windows    For  Choose OS   select   Use custom  and then select your .img file )

Raspberry Pi Imager for macOS

For a low cost multi micro  SD card copier, see section 1.8 Raspbery Pi preloaded SD card