14.2  piWebCAT - support  - supply of SD card and PCB

Configurations on RPi micro SD card

piWebCAT direct control has been developed using only four radios:

  • Yaesu FTdx101D        ASCII text configuration (as used in modern Yaesu, Kenwood, Elecraft)
  • Icom IC7000        CIV    - Icom CI-V configuration
  • Yaesu FT847          YAESU5 configuration  - Older Yaesu '5 byte' radios.
  • Yaesu FT920        YAESU5 configuration  - Older Yaesu '5 byte' radios.

The can be used as templates for control of other similar radios.

piWebCAT via  Hamlib rigctl  has been configured for:

  • Yaesu FTdx10D
  • Icom IC7000
  • Generic transceivers: Transceiver-H-A, Transceiver-H-B and Transceiver-H-C
    These are an evolving progressive build from A to C used in the learning guide.
    They provide a template for Hamlib control of any one of Hamlib's 250 supported radios.

Support group

We need a support /messaging group to deal with any problems arising from

operational issues, radio compatibility and development ideas.
Also, using MySQL Front, it is possible to share configuration data.

I have set up a support group at   piwebcat@groups.io

Micro SD card, PCB or PCB kit available from G3VPX:

piWebCAT bare PCB  @ £4.00 including p&p

piWebCAT PCB kit of parts + PCB @£15.00 including p&p

Preconfigured 16Gbyte fast class10 micro SD card @ £7.50 including p&p

Zipped SD card image on DVD (Created with Win32 Disk Imager)  @ £4.00 including p&p

Please email  using       piwebcat@g3vpx.net   (This NOT my PayPal email !)

I have not at this time provided a zipped SD card image download.
This would be 3.5Gbyte which is too large for my well populated 5Gbyte web hosting.
In the event of very high demand, then I would consider increasing the web space
to 10 Gbyte and hosting a downloadable image.