2.14 Learning guide  Transceiver-H-C     ---vfo mode

Select Transceiver-H-C   - the piWebCAT window is shown below.

19 new buttons and 14 new sliders have been added to the previously studied Transceiver-H-B layout.
All of these except CW zero use Hamlib rigctl. (CW zero is not supported and needs a direct rig command.)

Note that piWebCAT was developed with the FTdx101D whilst keeping in mind the need to operate with many

different radios. So, for example, I have four roofer buttons. But you could use them for some other function.


  • Tx Power slider has moved. This move is a simple change of slider number in table slidershl.
  • Proc, Mic-gain, VOX and VOX delay sliders added. Two have adjacent buttons which double as labels.
    These four are commonly used controls and I would expect that most users would keep these positions.
  • The middle panel sliders have adjacent R buttons = reset to default.
    The right panel sliders have adjacent on/off buttons which double as labels. (Set slider captions to 'nocap')
    IF shift is in the middle panel because it needs reset to zero.
    I have positioned RIT and XIT in the middle panel because reset to default (zero Hz) is essential.
    But RIT and XIT on/off buttons are also needed.  They are almost adjacent in the narrow 8-button panel !!!
  • Roofer buttons are bottom right. These are not dedicated buttons - they could be used for something else.
    Roofer buttons could be elsewhere if you wish.
  • The three CW buttons and sliders are in the right hand panel. I copied them (using MySQL Front)
    from my FTdx101D-H configuration and then moved them from the MORE buttons popup to here, simply
    by changing the buttons' numbers in the buttonshl table btnno field.
  • Note the four text items middle bottom. These are configured in the slidershl table.
    Their configuration was taken directly from the FTdx101D-H configuration.
    They are discussed in detail in section 2.4  Text display box.
  • Note that there there is no VFO B > A copying button. This function is not supported by Hamlib.
    I could, for the FTdx101D implement it by using  \send_cmd_rx BA; 0 (a direct rig command).
  • I have added three AGC buttons:  fast, medium and slow.  Examination of the buttonshl table
    reveals data values (nset and nans):  fast=2. medium=5 and slow=3.
    The values in theFdx101D CAT manual are 1, 2 and 3.  So where do we find 2, 5 and 3 ?
    See section 2.17  Learning: Hamlib data?    also  section 8.5  rigctl  - at the command line