5.5  FT1000MkV   and other Yaesu 5 - bytes command radios

I do not possess an FT1000 MkV and do not have access to one.

I have examined the MkV manual.

The CAT section is better written than that of the FT920 and has more detailed explanations.

The MkV has a much larger range of CAT commands than the FT920.
In particular, there are write commands for a wide range of EDSP parameters.

However, unless I have missed something, there appears to have no band change command.

If this is correct, then the above discussed FT920 solutions will be needed.

I am happy to closely collaborate with anyone wishing to set up piWebCAT for these radios.

... either by direct email or  via the iogroup.

If a good configuration can be produced, then we can make it available to others.

(It is possible, using MySQL Front, to extract a radios's configuration from your database as an SQL file.
The files can them be modified into a form which will simply add to another user's database)