7.3  piWebCAT - Database table - settings

The settings table has only one record

The settings table fields are:

  • rig                The currently operational radio.  
                   The grid editor presents this as a drop down list of radios from the rigs table.
                   It can also be set from the top bar radio selector of the three piWebCAT pages,
                       ie:  Control,  Cat.config  and  Meter cal,
  • mwF        Tuning - mouse wheel fast Hz per thumb wheel click
  • mwM        Tuning - mouse wheel medium Hz per thumb wheel click
  • mwS        Tuning - mouse wheel slow Hz per thumb wheel click
  • dgF        Tuning - mouse drag fast Hz per dragged pixel.
  • dgM        Tuning - mouse drag medium Hz per dragged pixel.
  • dgS        Tuning - mouse drag  slow Hz per dragged pixel.
  • gridtheme        Editor grid theme selector. phpGrid is supplied with 26 themes. I offer the eight
                   that are most suitbale for piWebCAT.
                   I make no apology for their names   - They are a supplied with phpGrid!!
  • cno                The current value of the incrementing contest number, saved from the log window.
                   If set to zero (in the log header or in this setting editor) then the log cno column remains blank.
                   Saving the number in the database preserves continuity of the sequence after a power down.
  • logX        The width of the log window in pixels.
  • logY        The height of the log window in pixels.
  • locW        The width of the log's locator column in pixels. Range is 0 - 140.
                   If logW = 0  then the locator column in the log grid is hidden (no data is lost).


The table above shows my suggested settings.