8.3  Hamlib - Installation / update on the Raspberry Pi

Hamlib is distributed ready installed on the piWebCAT SD card.  This is unlikely to be the latest update.

At times of active development, updates may occur daily and may be related to very recent modern radios.

You may wish to perform an initial update, particularly if you have very a modern radio.

Update procedure.

Start the RPi and access its screen with VNC client (simpler than plugging in mouse, keyboard and monitor)

Start File Manager.   This will open in  /home/pi.  Enter the Downloads  subfolder.

If present, delete Hamlib-master.zip and the Hamlib-master folder.

Internet:  Use the web browser (Chromium) to navigate to     https://github.com/Hamlib/Hamlib

Click the green Code download button.   Click Download ZIP.
Hamlib-master.zip will download to /home/pi/Downloads

Using File Manager, in folder /home/pi/Downloads double-click Hamlib-Master.zip.

Click the  Extract files button.  Change the destination from /tmp to /home/pi/Downloads.

Click the Extract button.  Wait a few seconds. Folder /home/pi/downloads/Hamlib-master is created.

Close FIle Manager.

Open RPi terminal and enter following sequence of commands. (It should open in /home/pi )

$    cd Downloads/Hamlib-master

$    chmod 744 bootstrap

$    ./bootstrap

$    ./configure --prefix=/usr/local --enable-static

$    make

$   sudo make install

$   sudo ldconfig