14.8  Installing Mumble on a controlling device - Android / IOS

re: Apple IOS; I have not experimented with Mumble for Apple IOS.
I no longer have any Apple devices. I donated my ageing Ipad Mini to a local school IT department following
the request for tablets and laptops for use in the covid lockdown!  

 A search of Google play Store for 'mumble' reveals Mumble client apps:  Plumble and Mumla in various offerings.

I installed Plumble. The appear to be two versions entitled: Plumble - free    and   Plumble - Mumble VOIP

The Plumble - Mumble VOIP version appears to be free - I installed this on a modern Vankyo 10 inch tablet.

Before installing, make sure that the RPi is running with the mumble-server active.

Start the app.

As soon as the app starts you are offered the creation of a certificate  - tap Yes to this.

Then tap the + icon top right to add a server.
Enter the RPi server IP address, eg:

Accept the default port = 64738.

Add a label and username of you choice.

Leave the password field blank.

A connection box will appear top left  - Tap the connection box to connect.

An Untrusted certificate box appears   -  tap Allow  to accept it.

With the transceiver running I had immediate Rx audio.

Now click the menu ion top left and then Settings

General tab:        Uncheck:   Chat notifications, text to speech and load external images

               Check:       Auto Reconnect

Audio tab:        Transmit mode   - set this to continuous   (This will disable many of the voice control options)

               Handset mode:  - uncheck this

               Microphone volume:   You need to adjust this for your rig's ALC / comp indications

                 (mine is set to 30% ... using the tablets built in microphone)

               Detection threshold, PTT key, PTT Hot Corner, PTT Sound,
               Hide PTT button, Toggle PTT, Half duplex mode  
                 - all these are disabled because we set Transmit mode = continuous.

               Input sample rate:   -  The 11025Hz option should be adequate for voice

               Input quality:        I set 72000bps to match what was recommended for RPi client setup.

               Enable speech processor:   No ?   - We can experiment with this.

               Disable Opus Codec:          No